Asking a Question

Connecting and asking a member about their content is a simple two step process.

Connecting with Seller:

  • Find Content to license using the Search Repository page:
    • A buyer can ask a question regarding an item of content by selecting the “Ask a question” button found on the items view page. This will initiate a message trail.
    • A buyer is also automatically connected with seller if the "Send Licence Request" button is selected. This selection indicates your intent to purchase a licence to a seller and begins the payment process.

Responding to Potential Buyer:

  • If a buyer has a question regarding an item of posted content they can:
    • Select the "Ask a question" button. This action will notify the seller with a connection request and subsequent message trail.
    • Keep in mind: The seller can choose to respond based on validity of the question.

Note: If a buyer sends a licence request a notification and it is received by the seller and a subsequent message trail is initiated. The seller is required to offer their preferential payment process, manage the transaction, and release the item of content.

Last updated: August, 2018