My Dashboard

Once you log in, your Dashboard is where you’ll be able to quickly navigate the whole of Fifty Thousand Foot, as well as update your own unique page to help you get the most out of our site.

Your Dashboard:

  • You can access your Dashboard at any time by:
    • Clicking the Home button on the top of any page when logged in.
    • Going to My Dashboard, under the My Account dropdown at the top of any page.

Your Dashboard Consists of:

  • left-hand side:
    • Your profile picture
    • Name, Title, Location
    • Edit Button, Personal Message Button, View Your Profile Button
    • Your bio/mission statement
    • Your number, email, location, website
    • Your area of specialization
    • Associated Consulting Firm
    • Keep in mind: Only information you have filled out will appear on your profile
    • Keep in mind: To edit your personal information/profile picture click Edit Profile
  • My Feed
    • Your biography should be a short, yet precise preview of your skill set and experiences.
      • New Opportunities
      • Your posted opportunities
      • Private Messages
      • Contact Requests
  • Right Hand side:
    • To have your ad appear on Fifty Thousand Foot, Member Advertisement coming soon! Contact your Fifty Thousand Foot team Directly.

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  • Your Dashboard’s feed is color coded:
    • New Opportunities are marked with green
    • New Applications are marked with Red
    • Personal Messages are marked with Yellow
    • Team Requests are marked with Light Blue
    • New Contact Requests are marked with Purple
    • Fifty Thousand Foot News is marked with Dark Blue

Ad space is located on the right-hand side of the page. If you want your application, opportunity or businesses ad to appear on Fifty Thousand foot; Contact the Fifty Thousand Foot Team Directly.

Last updated: March, 2018