License Your Content

You have established contact with a potential buyer and are ready to license your content.

Payment Options:

  • The payment for licencing can be facilitated between the two (2) interested parties through multiple means such as; PayPal, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire payment, Certified Cheque, or any other means agreed upon.

Note: Fifty Thousand Foot currently does not provide a direct payment option, so all transactions must occur between the buyer and the seller directly.

Exchange of Content:

  • Once payment has been settled between the buyer and the seller the content is eligible for release.
  • Seller – From the "My Content" page you will be able to see the orders placed on your content.
    • In the order history you will find your licence requests. It is here that you can "release the content" to the buyer.
    • Keep In Mind: Make sure you have finalized payment prior to release. Fifty Thousand Foot Inc. is not responsible for content released prior to payment settlement.
  • Buyer – When seller releases the item of content you will receive a notification.
    • Your licenced content can be downloaded from your "My Content" page by selecting the "Download" button.

Note: Buyers have a 30-day window for content download, after this timeframe the option to download is revoked.

Last updated: August, 2018