Edit My Profile

Your profile is one of the first impressions you make to other Fifty Thousand Foot members. To make sure it’s the right impression, fill out all necessary fields on your Profile.

To Edit your Profile:

  • Bring up the Edit Profile screen by:
    • At the bottom of every opportunity there is a button you can click to Apply
    • Keep in mind: that you thoroughly read the details of every opportunity before you apply
  • Editing Information:
    • Keep in Mind: Your Name, Email, Business Name, Phone Number and Location will already be prepopulated from initial registration
    • From this point you can edit the following information:
      • Profile Picture
      • Cover Photo
      • Contact details
      • Biography
      • Industry(s) and specialization(s)
      • Projects/Engagements
      • Job History
      • Education
      • Certifications
    • Fill in all boxes/text fields that apply to you
    • Important: Your login is your email address, if you edit your email address you subsequently change your login
    • Keep in Mind: A complete profile is more appealing to future employers and gives them a better understanding of your skill set/experience.
  • What should be in my Biography?
    • Your biography should be a short, yet precise preview of your skill set and experiences.
    • Keep in Mind: Members will have a more detailed viewing of your past experiences below your biography.
  • Linking your profile to a Consulting firm
    • Only the administrator of a Consulting firm can invite members to be a part of their firm’s team. If you would like to be added, you will need to message the firm and ask the administrator to send you an invite that will link your profile
    • Important Note: you can only attach your profile to one firm. If you accept an invite any current links will be replaced
  • Adding members to a Consulting Firm’s profile
    • As the administrator to a consulting firm’s account you can link your consulting employees prolife(s)
    • If your employee is a current member of Fifty Thousand Foot, enter their name in the Firm members search bar and select the plus icon
    • If your employee is not a current member of Fifty Thousand Foot, enter their email address in the search bar, select the plus button and an invite will be forwarded asking them to register
    • Once an invite is accepted, your employees will appear in your company’s profile
    • Note: You can also remove employees by selecting the “x” icon
  • Industry’s Served/Specialization
    • For both sections a dropdown menu with options is provided
    • You can select multiple options from the drop down
  • Projects or Engagements
    • Here is where you fill in your past or present projects or engagements
  • Work Experience
    • Here is where you fill in your past employment history outside of consulting work or engagements
  • Education
    • If you have past education or training that you feel is useful information to a potential employer, fill in the required fields here
  • Certifications and Designations
    • List past, present and ongoing certifications and designations that a potential employer could benefit from

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Leaving any section blank will make it invisible to members.

There is a 400 Character Limit in each Description text field.

Once a project or engagement is up/if you need to edit information, click the edit button in the top left corner.

Last updated: March, 2018