Creating an Application

Once you have identified an appealing opportunity, the next step is filling out an application. To Create an Application on Fifty Thousand Foot:

Bring up the Application screen:

  • Connecting can be done in two ways
    • At the bottom of every opportunity there is a button you can click to Apply
    • Keep in mind: that you thoroughly read the details of every opportunity before you apply


  • Filling out your application
    • At the top of your application you can upload a file to enhance your application.
    • The file can be anything from a proposal response, a resume, cover letter, or a video. Something that you feel will give you an edge over other applicants.
    • Title the file appropriately.
    • Complete all fields.

Add team members:

  • To join a team
    • Add and remove team members at the bottom of your application.
    • Use the search box to find your current connections that you would like to invite to participate in your application.
    • Click to add team member once identified in search box. Automated message will go directly to your connections dashboard
    • Do not submit application until you feel all team members needed have accepted the application invite.
    • Summit application when you and your team’s proposal is ready by clicking the submit button.
    • Keep in mind: If you are managing an application that has team members and select the featured option, you will incur the fee.

Featuring Applications:

  • Spread your reach by having your employees connect using Fifty Thousand Foot
    • Click the Featured Application checkbox
    • Featuring will make your application stand out amongst the rest and position your application on the top of their list
    • Complete payment details
    • Keep in mind: See the Price Chart for more information on featuring applications

Learn more on Manage my Applications


A potential Employer is going to get their first (and possibly only) impression from this application. Make sure you fill in as much information as possible to stand out above other applicants.

Last updated: March, 2018