Post an Opportunity

If you have an opportunity that you are looking to fill with a qualified, experienced consultant it can easily be posted on Fifty Thousand Foot. Posting can be accessed from any Fifty Thousand Foot page.

To post your opportunity on Fifty Thousand Foot:

  • Bring up the Add Opportunity screen in one of the following ways:
  • Complete all fields
  • Upload supporting document to be attached to the opportunity posting
    • Keep in mind: You are restricted to a single upload, therefore if you have multiple documents you have the choice of uploading a Zip file or a PDF file.
  • You can direct the distribution of your posting in two ways:
    • First, by leaving the Post to All Fifty Thousand Foot Members option selected, the posting will be made available to all Fifty Thousand Foot Members.
    • Second, by checking the Post to Selected Users option, the Limit to these Contacts field will appear.
      • Type in a member name(s) that you want the posting to be limited too and hit enter. Member names will be added to a list under the Limit to these Contacts field.
      • Keep in mind: The Limit to these Contacts field is not a full consultant search and only finds names from our members list. To find specific consultants and ensure you are selecting the right name to limit the opportunity to; use our Consultant Search found in the main navigation bar.
      • If you want to remove a name from the list, select the “x” button next to the name to be removed.
  • Submit the opportunity by selecting the Create Opportunity button.
  • Complete the payment and billing information page and select the Confirm Payment button. Pricing details can be found on the Pricing page.
  • Your opportunity has now been submitted to Fifty Thousand Foot.

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The default expiry date for an Opportunity Posting is to 60 calendar days from the date the posting is submitted. You can set the expiry to less than 60 days by changing the Posting Expiry Date field. Expiry Date can not be set for greater than 60 days.

Upon the expiry of the posting at 60 days or less, a renewal notification will be sent to you. You have the option to renew for an additional 60 calendar days or close the posting.

Once the posting is made available to members, you can view the applications to your posting by visiting the Manage My Opportunities page. Learn more on how to view applications.

The terms field can be used to portray the parameters of the contract tied to the opportunity. For example, you can add rate details, type of contract (e.g. Subcontract), travel requirements, office details, technology details, etc. All terms are to be negotiated by the Member posting the opportunity and the successful applicant.

Last updated: March, 2018