SkillRanch Episode 2 – Sales and Partnerships

Written By: Fifty Thousand Foot Correspondent

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Brought to you by Bilal Wasim, member of the Fifty Thousand Foot team

In the second episode of the SkillRanch podcast, Bilal is joined by Trevor Poplar, Managing Director at Fifty Thousand Foot Incorporated. Trevor spends his days helping Independent consultants and Small Consulting firms grow and sustain their business through different stages of a consulting life cycle. Trevor is an experienced Sales Executive in all facets of solution selling to B2B clients, partnership acquisition, customer service, and training. He is truly passionate about growing salespeople, creating a great culture, surpassing targets, designing and implementing great strategic plans, creating best-in-class partnerships and moving results to the next level. Trevor will share insights regarding building a good sales team and the importance of developing partnerships for the growth of the business.

The SkillRanch Podcast provides insight needed to succeed in the labour market of tomorrow while equipping listeners with insight into skills to be developed. Bilal with speak with entrepreneurs, consultants, and other professionals from across various industries and sectors.