Fifty Thousand Foot is the world's premier consultant community to help independent consultants, entrepreneurs, and innovators become more competitive in today's complex market space.

We help our members move from project to practice by giving them access to tools, services, and know-how to help their business stand out above their competitors and drive more business into their practice. Our members can also find the best and brightest consulting talent to partner with, network and share ideas, and advertise opportunities across North America. Fueling new channels and revenue streams with just a few clicks.


We fuel consultants, entrepreneurs, and innovators to new heights providing them power to grow their small business, inspiring them to think big.


Lead by identical twin brothers Trent and Trevor Poplar, our small but mighty team provides members with passionate support. We value diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.

Trent Poplar

President and founding partner of Fifty Thousand Foot, Trent has over 25 years of experience in the Consulting industry. He has worked for small to medium sized firms and run his own independent consulting practice. He has complete over 100 consulting projects with companies ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Trent enjoys helping others get started in the consulting industry and has provided mentorship and advice to dozens of independents. Trent is interested in applying his experience and insights into providing Fifty Thousand Foot members with the know-how and guidance needed to make consulting a career choice.

Trevor Poplar

Managing Director and founding partner of Fifty Thousand Foot, Trevor has over 25 years of experience in business development and B2B partnership establishment. He has worked with large multi-national corporation within the financial services and payment processing industries. Trevor takes a collaborative approach to building partnerships, developing solutions to benefit all parties, and maximizing opportunities. Trevor is interested in applying his experience and insights into providing Fifty Thousand Foot members with the best suite of services to grow their business.

Brittany Griswold-Li

Brittany manages the Members Services Team at Fifty Thousand Foot with a constant eye on improving the experience and satisfaction of our community. Brittany grew up in Northern Utah and knows what it is like to be a small business owner having run one for 6 years. Her talents include sales, consensus building and research. In addition, Brittany is currently pursuing a degree in International Business with time spent abroad studying in Asia. Check out Brittany's Women Conquering Consulting series on the Fifty Thousand Foot Blog. Brittany looks forward to aiding Fifty Thousand Foot members in growing their business and getting the most out of the services we offer.

Bilal Wasim

Bilal manages the Explorer Program at Fifty Thousand Foot ensuring that we have outstanding partners providing members with many opportunities. When you combine education, fashion, healthcare, and technology, plus add in an MBA, a thriving show called Digital Business Secrets, and the John Maxwell Team certification as a Leadership trainer, and you get the energetic and experienced Bilal Wasim. Bilal loves to bring a high level of energy to environments in order to create inclusive work environments that get results, and when he's not supporting Fifty Thousand Foot members and training leaders, you can find him reading books, playing cricket, and on the tennis courts. Bilal also has a web series titles Skill Ranch that can be found on the Fifty Thousand Foot blog.

Colin Meenagh

Colin manages the Marketing and Outreach team at Fifty Thousand Foot with the intent of getting our company and members increased visibility in the Consulting community. Colin has worked in the television and film industry for over 15 years, in a plethora of roles. Joining Fifty Thousand Foot at the start of our journey to help with platform design, members services, marketing, and socials. Outside of work, Colin enjoys EGames and cinema. Colin is passionate about helping independents thrive, in an ever-changing business market!