The Advantage of Being the Little Guy

Written By: Fifty Thousand Foot Correspondent

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It is great to be an independent consultant. I have always appreciated the advantages of being the “little guy”. We do not talk enough about our advantages

The Advantage of Being the Little Guy #50000Foot

Look at competition differently – it is not always one or the other, meaning projects can come from partnering with larger competitors. My brand is me, a tangible person that is completely responsible for my businesses outcomes

Lack of overhead is an advantage – my cost strategy can be very appealing to buyer’s. My budget requirement can be much more flexible than much larger houses

Engagements I choose – I can be involved in projects that interest me, that I am passionate about Straddle industries and customer segments – be flexible

Time to speak with other independents, build a supportive community with 50000foot.

If you are not a member come meet hundreds of independent consultants like yourself.

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