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The Consultant Mindset – Designing your business for long-term success, through customer-centric innovation. Hosted by Dennis Geelen

Written By: Fifty Thousand Foot Correspondent

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On August 26th, 2020, Fifty Thousand Foot in conjunction with the SkillRanch Podcast held a webinar, in our on-going series focusing on the Consultant mindset. Our special guest was Dennis Geelen, the Founder and Principal Consultant of Zero In. If you missed the session, you can see it here:

Dennis Geelen, is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Zero In.  He has spent the past 20 plus years helping several companies in various industries change, grow, and prosper.  Dennis brings a strong background in strategic planning, innovation, and customer experience, combined with his passion for helping companies and giving back to communities.

Author of 2 business books and creator of the Zero In innovation board game, Mr. Geelen enjoys helping companies disrupt their industry through Customer Centric Innovation (CCI) through consulting engagements and various workshops and webinars.

Dennis also gives back to the community by volunteering his time in several capacities.  From coaching youth sports, to volunteering at the afterschool program in the local Boys and Girls Club, to his current role as Past-President of the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, Dennis is very community-minded and has a passion for non-profit organizations.