SkillRanch Episode 5 – Overcoming Negative Thoughts & Anxiety

Written By: Fifty Thousand Foot Correspondent

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Brought to you by Bilal Wasim, member of the Fifty Thousand Foot team

In the fifth episode of the SkillRanch podcast, Bilal is joined by Barbara Tsai, a Mental Health Occupational Therapist with the HAERT Mental Wellness Program and at an award-winning mental health care facility in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with Silicon Valley clients and their families who are coping with depression, anxiety and substance dependency. Barbara helps people to develop skills for managing stress and anxiety and to improve their performance and independence at home, school and work. While teaching her clients these skills, Barbara realized she was also using and benefiting from them. She became passionate about educating people on these preventative strategies to improve mental wellness, live happier lives and thrive.

The SkillRanch Podcast provides insight needed to succeed in the labour market of tomorrow while equipping listeners with insight into skills to be developed. Bilal with speak with entrepreneurs, consultants, and other professionals from across various industries and sectors.