All the perks of working for a big firm without giving up the flexibility and freedom of building a business of your own.

Fifty Thousand Foot is a community for Independent Consultants and Small Consulting Firms providing support and services to help our members succeed in today's economy.

Get your business running effectively - providing you more time to focus on your clients and your future.

Connect with North America’s Top Independents and Small Firms.

Find like-minded professionals with a vast array of skills, experiences and clients.

Your trusted client comes to you first with a new project before anyone else, but there is a skill gap, or you do not have the time. With Fifty Thousand Foot you can now find talented consultants nearby to add to your team or subcontract into that project instead of letting it go to another firm.

Your business needs to find the right individual with the right skills for a very important project, our vetted network will help you find the consultant you are looking for.

Find New Projects

Set up your profile and have potential projects routed to you as they are added by business from across North America. Search our opportunities to find a project. Create a proposal and apply to these opportunities through our site. Gain access to new decision makers in various companies across North America and shorten your sales cycle.

Know of an opportunity you could take advantage of if you had a team? Members can post opportunities to Fifty Thousand Foot an find talented professionals to go after every project they hear about.

Know of a project that would require a team of consultants with different skills? Use our team up function to apply for bigger, more lucrative opportunities.

Save on Business Services

Running a small business can be frustrating at times. Obtaining reasonability priced services needed to run and grow your business can be difficult. Fifty Thousand Foot is leveraging our ever-growing member base to find services needed by businesses like yours at preferable rates.

Member service, also known to us as "The HQ", is launching by the second quarter of 2019 and will house many discounted services that only Fifty Thousand Foot members can take advantage of.

New Ways to Make Money

Even the best consultants run into periods of little too no billable time. Fifty Thousand Foot can help you create new revenue streams.

Our Repository allows you to license intellectual property you own to other members. The big firms have numerous past projects and materials for their consultants to leverage – why shouldn't you? By allowing our members to license IP at a cost they set, you can make some extra revenue while also leveraging the Repository to find materials you can use to help you provide exceptional advice to your own clients.

Running an event, or a training course, or looking to mentor other up-and-coming consultants. Leverage Fifty Thousand Foot’s membership to help get new customers for your services.

Get Noticed

It can be tough to get noticed with so many consultants in North America. Fifty Thousand Foot has several ways for you to get noticed and develop a brand.

Easily and cost effectively advertise your business to larger firms and business using our site to find talent. Take out ad space on our site, get your name to the top of consultant searches, leverage members services to build a better web presence.

Learn New Skills (Coming Soon)

As part of Member Services, Fifty Thousand Foot is launching (by the second quarter of 2019) a learning management system for our members to take advantage of.

Learn new skills needed to win work via micro-learning, blended learning, and on-line courses.

All courses completed through our Learning Management System are feed back to you profile allowing you to display the growing skills and knowledge you now have.

Independant Consultants, Contractors and Specialists

Connect with the consulting community like never before. Fifty Thousand Foot provides the premier platform to find more projects and grow your business. Become your own boss and leave the cubicle life behind.

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Consulting Firms

Provide your firm the ability to find the skills and expertise needed to enhance your team and compete for bigger projects. Partner to fill gaps and no longer lose out on premier opportunities.

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Businesses, Organizations and Institutions

Access top talent at your fingertips. Find skilled and experienced consultants at rates that align with your budget. Reduce traditional large overhead costs. Simply post your opportunity and the talent will find you!

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Fifty Thousand Foot's Mission

We know that your work hard every day to make something great for you and your family. It is not always easy growing a business and planning for the future when meeting client needs consumes most of your day. We at Fifty Thousand Foot believe in bringing you extraordinary services tailored to the needs of your small consulting business to help you succeed in a competitive and ever evolving industry.

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