Starting a career in consulting can be tough. Few positions to gain valuable experience, little guidance, many closed doors. The Fifty Thousand Foot platform provides graduate students and recent graduates a promising new way to break into the industry. We have partnered with select higher-learning institutions to aid grads in launching an exciting, innovative, and rewarding consulting career.


A career in consulting is an exciting journey. A freedom to choose the path in front of you, the opportunity to take part in innovation, and the ability to meet leaders of industry. Yet to become a consultant you need to couple experience and knowhow with your advanced education. The Fifty Thousand Foot program has been developed to help you take the first steps of this journey. Our program will help you:

Get Involved

Network with consultants from various specializations and backgrounds throughout the year.

Access Opportunities

Get access to entry level consulting opportunities from across North America.

Take Advantage of Perks

Partnering with Fifty Thousand Foot gives you access to many services essential to a successful consulting practice.

How it Works?

1. Fifty Thousand Foot provides graduates from partnered Universities and Colleges a 50% discount to our platform during your graduate studies and for 1 year after completion. This includes access to our full suite of services including the opportunity module, business services, consulting pathways and learning management system.
2. Consulting members and firms searching for entry level support can post opportunities or directly connect with graduates about their needs.
3. Graduates can use the platform tools, services and learning center to become better prepared for consulting projects.

Other Opportunities to Learn the Business

We always have something on the go with our members. We have various events, exclusive webinars discussing the industry, training sessions with seasoned professionals, podcasts and community check-ins.

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