Connecting With Others

Connecting Members, Firms and Business

A large part of the Fifty Thousand Foot experience, is being part of a network of consultants across North America. Connecting, messaging and joining teams are ways to help you grow your brand and improve your firm or business.


  • Connecting can be done in two ways
    • By going to a member, firm or businesses profile and clicking on the Connect button
    • Keep in Mind: if you’re already connected, instead of a Connect button you will see a Block button
    • Also connect by clicking the Add Contact button on the open application you are viewing


  • Accepting Connection Requests
    • Requests from other members to connect with you will appear in your dashboard. Simply click the accept button to complete the request.
    • Keep in Mind: by accepting a contact request, you are allowing that member to view your entire profile.

Joining Teams:

  • To join a team
    • Either you or a teammate must apply for an Opportunity and fill out the team field.
    • Once filled out and submitted, all teammates will be notified on their dashboard.
    • Keep in mind: You are able to edit teammates from Manage My Applications
    • Keep in mind: You may only add someone to your team if you two are connected.

Adding a member to your Firm:

  • Spread your reach by having your employees connect using Fifty Thousand Foot
    • To add a member to your
    • On the left side of your profile, click the Edit Profile button
    • Click the add members button
    • Fill in the members name you wish to add and hit enter
    • To remove a member click the X beside their name
    • Keep in mind: To eliminate inconsistency your business account should be managed by one person.

Learn more on Creating an Application


To quickly link an opportunity to a member, copy the URL and send them a message.

Never message anyone your account login and password.

Any harassment/mistreatment of other members can result in a permanent ban from Fifty Thousand Foot.

Last updated: March, 2018