Manage My Opportunities

Once you have Posted an Opportunity you can easily edit, change its status and view applicants from the Opportunities drop down.

To manage your posted opportunities on Fifty Thousand Foot:

  • Bring up the Manage My Opportunities screen by:
    • electing Manage My Opportunities from the Opportunities drop down located in the main navigation bar at the top of any page.
  • Easily browse through your Posted Opportunities and Favorited Opportunities.
    • Keep in mind: If you have not posted an opportunity, only favorited opportunities will appear on this page
  • From this page you can:
    • Add an Opportunity by clicking the button located at the top left of the page
    • Click the View Button to see your Opportunities full details
    • Edit your posted Opportunity by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of each post
    • Change the status of your Opportunity
    • Renew expired Opportunities
    • View Applications submitted to your posted Opportunity
    • View Favorited Opportunities
  • Favorited Opportunities
    • View open Opportunities that you have favourited
    • Apply for the Opportunity if you have not already

Learn more on Review Applications


In the top right corner beside the Favorite Star, there is also a colored circle.

  • Green status indicates the opportunity is Open,
  • Yellow status indicates the opportunity is On Hold,
  • Red status indicates the opportunity is Closed,
  • Blue status indicates the opportunity has been Awarded

The default expiry date for an Opportunity Posting is 60 calendar days from the date the posting is submitted. You can set the expiry to less than 60 days by changing the Posting Expiry Date field. Expiry dates cannot be set for greater than 60 days.

Upon the expiry of the posting at 60 days or less, a renewal notification will be sent to you. You have the option to renew for a further 60 calendar days for an additional fee, place the posting on hold or close out the posting.

Once the posting is made available to members, you can view the applications to your posting by visiting the Manage My Opportunities page. Learn more on how to view applications.

Last updated: March, 2018