We give your firm direct access to vetted talent and business tools that otherwise would be costly and time consuming to acquire. Give your team the Fifty Thousand Foot advantage when competing for large opportunities.

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A dedicated platform for Consulting firms like yours to grow your business.

New Channels

For your firm to be found and a new avenue for your team to source projects.

Team Approach

To build your firms account and add your team members, so businesses can access all your firm’s capabilities.


Your firm’s Intellectual Property by licencing it out to other consultants across North America.

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Find Talent to Partner with, Extend your Team

If your firm has an opportunity to win a project but does not have all the skills needed on the team, Fifty Thousand Foot can help. Find experienced consulting talent willing to partner on a project, extending your capacity to win that opportunity.

Opening new markets and territories

With Fifty Thousand Foot your firm will be visible to consultants and businesses across North America. The Fifty Thousand Foot platform will support expansion into a new geography or industry. If your team is willing to travel, we will have new destinations for them to grow.

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