Managing Applications

Once you start applying to opportunities, look at what you’ve applied for and edit your applications easily.

Manage my Applications:

  • To get to your applications simply
    • Click on the My Account button on the top of any page
    • Click Manage my Applications
  • To view/edit your application:
    • Click the View button to see the application for the opportunity shown.
    • Click the edit application button
    • Here you can edit information, add a file or edit team members
    • Keep in Mind: The opportunity owner will be sent a notification with any changes made to your application
  • Featured Applications:
    • Click the Feature Application box located on every application.
    • Featuring will make your application stand out amongst the rest and puts you on the top of their list
    • Keep in mind: See the Price Chart for more information on featuring applications

Learn more on Create an Application


A sent Application will be marked with a green bar across the top

If you’re waiting on a team member to accept your invite a yellow marker will appear on the top of the application

Opportunities that you can applied for will remain on you Favorites and Applications pages until they have been closed or awarded for 30 days

Applications that have been closed will have a red marker

Awarded Applications will have a blue marker.

Last updated: March, 2018