Inviting Non-Members

Fifty Thousand Foot is an ever-growing community of the best and brightest consultants. If you have colleagues who you think are a fit for our platform, send them a quick and easy invite.

Sending an Invite:

  • Invite a non-member;
    • By going to your dashboard and clicking on the Invite Colleagues button
    • Type the email address of each person you want to join Fifty Thousand Foot and select invite.

    Keep in Mind: You must separate each colleagues email address with a comma (,)

Learn more on Connecting With Others


An email with be sent on your behalf to the colleague you invited.

Please refrain from inviting non-consultants to Fifty Thousand Foot.

Never message anyone your account login and password.

Any harassment/mistreatment of other members can result in a permanent ban from Fifty Thousand Foot.

Last updated: July, 2018